Word of the Dean

Dear colleagues, 

The summer semester is about to start (15 February), and Campus Belval will welcome the first FSTC students! 

After the move of the Life Sciences Research Unit to Belval last December (see also the last issue of our newsletter), the students will now follow: The Bachelor in Life Sciences (BASV) will however still remain on Campus Limpertsberg for the practical sessions and lab classes. Only lectures will be held in Belval (Maison du Savoir). The Master in Integrated Systems Biology (MISB) has completely moved to Belval (Maison du Savoir and Biotech I). In addition, some lectures of the Master in Condensed Matter Physics (MCMP) will also take place in Belval this summer semester. That means for some teachers, administrative staff, and for the bachelor students of course, that they will have to commute and be on several sites, depending on their schedules. We tried to keep any “back and forth” to a minimum: The BASV students stay always full days on one Campus, which means that they have “lecture days” and “practical days”, more or less. We hope that this will work out and we thank all those concerned for their patience, understanding and collaboration. 

What will keep us busy for the coming 8 weeks is the external evaluation process (see also the article below in the newsletter). As many of you know by now, we are asked to contribute to both parts of this report: 

  • The first part is the “institutional evaluation”. Michel Margue is responsible to coordinate an intra-UL-working group who will carry out interviews with key stakeholders throughout the Faculties, Centres and the central administration. Based on these interviews, a report will be written by that group. Thanks to those of you who will be asked to contribute in these interviews, and thanks to our two colleagues Tonie van Dam and Cassandra Mikicic, who are the “FSTC delegates” in Michel Margue’s team, and who will consecrate a substantial part of their time to this exercise. 
  • The second part of the evaluation concerns the research units; Ludwig Neyses is responsible for this part. Each research unit is asked to provide a self-assessment report and a lot of data for the last four years; this means a considerable effort for the heads of research units and their teams. All our research facilitators and other dean’s office staff will provide support as well, and let me thank all of the colleagues who reserve quite some time to accomplish this task. 

The external evaluation process is however not “just a cumbersome obligation”, but it offers the chance to re-think what we have accomplished since 2012, and to consider where we want to go. Let’s take this opportunity together. 

Best wishes, 

Paul Heuschling