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External “Institutional Evaluation Programme” launched

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Publié le mardi 23 février 2016

In addition to external evaluation of research currently ongoing, an Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) has been launched in cooperation with the European University Association (EUA), with all major entities of the University of Luxembourg called on to produce an initial report by mid-April.

The IEP was commissioned with the aim to help the University strengthen institutional autonomy and support change processes by developing further its strategic and quality management. In a first step, the University needs to submit an auto-evaluation report, tackling four key questions:

  • What is the institution trying to do?
  • How is the institution trying to do it?
  • How does it know that it works?
  • How does the institution change in order to improve?

Additionally, a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) is to be included.

The following entities will be covered by the evaluation:

  • FDEF
  • FSTC
  • SnT
  • LCSB
  • Central administration
  • Students
  • PhD candidates and post-docs

A University working group was established at the start of this year, with FDEF represented by Prof. Jörg Gerkrath and Hélène Langlois, Quality and Process Officer. Additionally, FDEF PhD candidate Romain Decet has been nominated in his function as president of LuxDoc. The FDEF student representative on the University Council, Norbert Rugira, is also part of the working group.

The working group is responsible for collecting input from the different entities and putting together the University’s report.

The Faculty by mid-April has to submit its own auto-evaluation report, which will go towards the final review submitted to the evaluation team by the University. The Faculty auto-evaluation report will initially be compiled by the Dean’s Office and then submitted to the Faculty Council in early April for feedback and approval.

Following the submission of the University’s full auto-evaluation report, two site visits will be carried out in the autumn by the external evaluation team before the evaluators issue their final review.