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2023 Diversity Day in Luxembourg

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Publié le mardi 23 mai 2023

On 23 May, we celebrate Diversity Day in Luxembourg. This event is an excellent opportunity to highlight the richness and beauty of our diverse University and to learn more about different cultures, the importance of cultural preservation, the challenges of cultural integration and the benefits of cultural exchange.

This date also marks the University's first anniversary of signing the Luxembourg Diversity Charter. This document is a national commitment, led by IMS Luxembourg, to diversity management that recognises and integrates the plurality of human profiles within an institution, thus contributing directly to its success.

To mark these important events, the Office for Gender Equality has brought together the many and varied actions that have taken place over the past year, offering university staff and students the opportunity to discover our commitment to diversity. In particular, we have made significant progress in the following areas:

The current Gender Equality Policy identifies different areas of intervention in which many other actions have been carried out.

All these actions result from the commitment of dedicated staff and students to make our University and the world an inclusive and equitable environment - thank you all. Let's continue to embrace and integrate diversity!

If you want to know more or contribute, contact the Gender Equality Office.

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