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Science Festival 2021: participate in our workshops!

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Date de l'événement : jeudi 11 novembre 2021 09:00 - dimanche 14 novembre 2021 19:00
Lieu : Centre culturel de rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster + Musée national d’histoire naturelle

The University of Luxembourg will participate in the 2021 edition of the Science Festival with 8 workshops. Visit us!

The following workshops will be offered to the general public: 

  • Codebreakers: The Quest for the Secret Message, by Vazquez Sandoval (SnT)

You have been selected for the first trip to Neptune aboard the high-tech Planetary Adventurer spacecraft. However, the mission details are in a box secured with cryptographic codes. Crack the codes before the Planetary Adventurer takes off without you!

  • Collaborate on the planet Orbitia by Patrick Sunnen (FHSE)

Collaborate at an interactive tabletop! Become a space-mining crew in the harsh environment of the distant planet Orbitia! Collect minerals and surmount obstacles together! Explore the serious game of the research project ORBIT

  • Decoding DNA (LCSB)

Discover how to decode the information stored in our cells!  Extract some DNA, create a colourful bracelet and decode a small piece of the genetic code. You will learn more about the secrets of this essential molecule.

  • DNA: From living beings to data, by Völp Marcus (SnT)

DNA is the basic molecule that carries the genetic instructions that code for the development, function and reproduction of all biological entities such as humans, animals, plants, bacteria and viruses. Extract DNA from strawberries and discover this essential molecule in this workshop.

  • Monsieur Fourier and the wonderful world of imagery, by Nicolò Maccaferri (DPhyMS)

Play with light to explore how images of very small objects are created in a microscope. Our object of study: a disc engraved in chrome on glass with fourteen different patterns. Finally, discover the different optical effects that can be achieved with Fourier optics.

  • More foxes, fewer hares? (Scienteens Lab)

Enter the world of feedback! Playfully investigate the interactions between predator and prey populations (e.g. fox and hare) and discover numerous other everyday applications of coupled systems from the fields of technology, nature, science and medicine.

  • Renewable energies and the climate crisis, by Wang Taowen (DPhyMS)

Discover the consequences of the climate crisis and how urgently we need renewable and green energies. How do solar cells work and how much energy can they produce? We illustrate the connection between our lifestyle and our energy consumption.

  • Science Comic Exhibition (DESCOM)

Discover the world of science and research in Luxembourg via comics! Take a ride through your intestines, follow the journey of a water molecule or take part in a superhero contest by reading one of the science comics of “LUX:plorations – A Universe of Research”.

  • The simplicity of complexity by Bruno Teheux (DMATH)

Mathematics makes it possible to construct structures of infinite variety from very simple means. Explore, through games, a mathematical universe that is in constant construction. Without formalism, all that will remain is the joy of discovery, reflection and sharing.

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