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Inaugural lecture Prof. Yannick Baraud

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Conférencier : Prof. Yannick Baraud
Date de l'événement : jeudi 23 janvier 2020 15:30 - 18:30
Lieu : Belval campus, Maison du Savoir, room 3.520

On the evolution of Data Science

About the presentation

Data Science is a new field of research based on tools borrowed mainly from Mathematical Statistics, Machine Learning and Computer Science. Although the discipline is new, many of these tools are not and have been shaped by time and the need of scientists for drawing information from their observed data. In this talk we shall see how some famous problems have pushed Data Science forward and how today's challenges give rise to new questions.

About the speaker

After obtaining his PhD in Mathematics from the University Paris-Sud Orsay in 1998, Yannick Baraud held a position of CNRS researcher at the École Normale Supérieure of Paris before being nominated Professor at the University of Nice in 2003. There, he created a team in Probability and Statistics and a Master in Applied Mathematics and Engineering. In 2012, he was appointed head of the Laboratory of Mathematics Jean Alexandre Dieudonné (LJAD). He is a specialist of Mathematical Statistics and has a special interest in model selection and robust estimation. He joined the University of Luxembourg in August 2019 as ERA-Chair holder of "SanDAL", the multidisciplinary European Research Area (ERA) Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Data Science, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. Over the course of the SanDAL project, Yannick Baraud will lead the research team in raising the research excellence of the Mathematics Research Unit in the field of data science.


Introduction by Prof. Jean-Marc Schlenker, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication. A reception will take place after the inaugural lecture.

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Yannick Baraud