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Clinical research on Innovative Healthcare: Multiple Sclerosis Management 4.0: MS digital twin

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Conférencier : Prof. Dr. Tjalf Ziemssen
Date de l'événement : mardi 27 septembre 2022 16:00 - 18:00
Lieu : Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), TTM meeting room,
1A Rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen

Individualized and innovative disease management is of great importance for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) in order to cope with the complexity of this chronic, multidimensional disease. However, a personalized "state of the art" strategy with precise adaptation to the individual disease is still far from the current everyday treatment. A revolutionary tool for the future disease management of patients with long chronic diseases is the so-called digital twin, in which a virtual copy (twin) of the patient is created with the help of a systematic collection of multidimensional data.

Through an analysis of various disease parameters based on artificial intelligence or other innovative algorithms - including clinical and paraclinical data, imaging, multi-omics, biomarkers, information about life circumstances and plans, and medical procedures - a large amount of multidimensional data can be processed and analysed back through the structure of the digital twin.

MS patient and digital twin

This can contribute to more effective personalised care by integrating data from different sources in a standardised way, implementing individualised clinical pathways, supporting physician-patient communication, and facilitating shared decision making. With a clear presentation of pre-analysed data on a dashboard, patient engagement and individualised clinical decisions as well as prediction of disease progression and treatment simulation could become possible. Implementation of the digital twin is complex; benefits, challenges, and practical aspects of digital twins for MS need to be considered. With our Dresden MS cohort with more than 2200 patients, we have demonstrated that innovative data collection could be combined with individual clinical pathways creating step by step our vision of MS digital twin.

Hybrid Meeting, Luxembourg Institute of Health, TTM meeting room, 1A Rue Thomas Edison, 1445 Strassen & WebEx: Webinar Link [access code: 2730 871 9827, password: dQNHxhAh222 (37649424 from phones)]

For on-site and remote registration, please drop an email to: and kindly note that the TTM meeting room has a limited space capacity, please make sure to book your place in advance via email.