Health, Security and Safety Office

The Health, Security and Safety Office has been created in order to coordinate and enhance procedures and resources in relation to health, safety and security.

  • Define and implement a Safety Office concept and organization,
  • Establish an occupation Safety Policy for the entire University community,
  • Perform risk analysis and associate prevention measures,
  • Inventory the hazardous workplaces​ in collaboration with the occupational physician service,
  • Inform and advise in terms of occupational safety,
  • Set-up a network of correspondents, relaying and promoting the occupational safety, within the faculties, interdisciplinary centres and departments facing particular risks,
  • Organise occupational safety trainings of employees on specific topics (biological safety, laser safety, electrical hazards, forklift, cranes…),
  • Promote safety at work,
  • Implement safety procedures, instructions and guidelines (e.g. protection of pregnant women, work accident…),
  • Perform ergonomic evaluations of workplaces,
  • Communicate information to employees regarding dedicated safety topics (e.g. Limpertsberg offices situation),
  • Set-up a management policy for both lab and regular waste, compliant with local regulation.
Michel Robert
Team Leader of Security and Safety
Team Leader administrator deputy safety and environment safety security security