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Social Enterprise and Social Innovation





Interdisciplinary course, open to interested citizens and students from all degree programmes

This course:

  • yields 6 ECTS for registered students, with a possibility of additional 4 ECTS for a group project or a certificate for participation.
  • is one of the 2 core courses of the Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation

Main aim of the course:

is to introduces diverse approaches to social enterprise that aim to address challenges of social inequity and sustainability.  One central theme in the course is the question of defining, measuring and reporting on the common good, values and value creation beyond financial returns.  Challenges of impact measurement not only lie in the different relevance of disparate impacts to diverse stakeholder communities, but also in measuring capital efficiency in terms of quality and sustainability of service the enterprise provides for invested capital units.

The course draws on perspectives from economics, legal analysis, moral philosophy, sociology, psychology and management science, as well as on case studies presented by practitioners.


The course will allow discussion on how
one might differentiate Social Enterprise
from other forms of enterprise
along the dimensions above.



Course Outline,  Tuesday evenings from 17:15 to 20:30, Campus Limpertsberg, Luxembourg 


Winter Semester 2015/16: Schedule

29.09.           Session 1. Social innovation and social enterprise – why does it matter to you?

06.10            Session 2. Social learning for social innovation

10.10            EXTRAORDINARY SESSION: One day workshop. Design thinking for co-creation: Theory and practice (9:30-4:30pm)

13.10.           Session 3. Social technologies for changing the economy

20.10            Session 4. Social Enterprise for Social Innovation

27.10            Session 5. Towards the economy of the common goods: Accounting for organisational and systemic change.

10.11.           Session 6. Peer group interim presentations and crash course in project management in non-hierarchical situations

17.11            Session 7. Financing social enterprise and revisiting social impact assessment

24.11            Session 8. Microfinance institutions as social enterprises

01.12.           Session 9. What ethics for social enterprise?

02.12.           EXTRAORDINARY SESSION: Information and research skills

08.12.           Session 10. Innovation in the Luxembourg legal system and potential impacts for the energy sector

15.12            Concluding session - Peer group project pitches




Please consult the Guide for Applicants and send your CV + letter of motivation to by 31 July 2015




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