We foster inquiry-based learning and the development of the capacity to draw on insights and methods from diverse disciplines to develop improved problem-solving approaches.

1.  Multidisciplinarity: 

To create opportunities for learning of diverse disciplines we have developed a new category of ‘Open Courses’ that are of general interest, have diverse disciplinary roots, and are open to students from any degree programme at any level.

More information: Open courses


2.  Interdisciplinarity:   

To create opportunities for learning to actively draw on diverse disciplines for problem solving we have launched the "Certificate on Sustainable Development and Social Innovation" that provides tools for understanding and acting in the face of complex challenges of sustainable development.

More information: Certificate on Sustainable Development and Social Innovation


3.  Connecting education and practice:

To create opportunities for linking learning about sustainable development with practical experience we offer a range of internships and research opportunities that are organized in conjunction with our certificate.  All internships and research projects aim to build capacities for effective practice including to collaborate with others across differences and to manage the complexity and uncertainty of real challenges.

  • Internships in Luxembourg organizations concerned with sustainable development.
  • Research projects contributing to sustainable campus development

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