Master in Geography and Spatial Planning

Application requirements

This Master’s course is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (at least three years of higher education in accordance with the Bologna prerequisites) in human geography or spatial planning who are looking for additional training in the realm of spatial analysis as well as European and cross-border issues. Students from related disciplines such as architecture, urban studies, regional economics, urban sociology, anthropology etc. are encouraged to apply and may be accepted on demonstration of sufficient knowledge in the relevant fields (see below).

Main criteria for selection

  • Wide theoretical, conceptual and methodological knowledge in the field of spatial analysis and development.
  • Proven interest in high level academic research.
  • Very good knowledge of English (written and spoken). Sufficient knowledge of at least one of the two other teaching languages (French/German) is considered as an advantage.
  • Practical experience in international/European research contexts (e.g. internships, BA theses) will be considered as an advantage.

How to apply

 Application dossiers 

Candidates shall pre-register with the University of Luxembourg by completing an online application form here: European students (deadline: 01 Septembre 2020) or non-European students (deadline: 30 April 2020). At the end of this online pre-registration, applicants are asked to print and sign a copy of the application form.

The next step is to compile an application dossier. This should include: the signed copy of the application form, a CV, a motivation letter, diploma/degree certificates, transcripts of records, and other documents applicants consider useful (e.g. internship reports, language certificates).

The application dossier should then be sent by postal mail to the student office SEVE (deadline for non-European students: 07 May, deadline for European students: 08 September 2020).

Once the admission Jury has reached its final choice, students will be contacted by the programme administration.

As student places are limited (25 plus waiting list), it is recommended to send in application dossiers as early as possible.