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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes

The Bachelor in European Cultures - Bachelor en Cultures Européennes is designed for students who, like you perhaps, want to specialise in an established academic field such as English Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Luxembourgish StudiesHistory or Philosophy, but who also wish to explore other disciplines in a multilingual setting.

Studying at University can be tricky. Take control and #ChallengeYourself in the BCE

Take up our BCE challenges

Challenge #1: Be Multilingual

Step out of your comfort zone linguistically! In the BCE, you will be expected to switch between languages. Don’t let this throw you off: we do not expect equal proficiency in all (three) languages. Just give it your best try!

Challenge #2: Connect different fields

Venture beyond the boundaries of your specialisation! Work with students and professors from different fields and learn to think about an issue or a topic from different perspectives.

Challenge #3: Critically engage

What is the role of Europe in the world today? Find out about the circumstances and crises that have shaped modern Europe and European cultures and actively seek out debates about European values and ideas, their impact – positive and negative – and their limits.

What do we offer?

A strong specialisation...with a twist!
The Bachelor en Cultures Européennes provides a unique opportunity to combine traditional training in your chosen specialisation with an interdisciplinary reflection on Europe and European cultures.

  • Two thirds of your courses and modules will be dedicated to your specialisation (120/180 ECTS).
  • The Common Curriculum in European Cultures makes up one third of the credits required to graduate (60/180 ECTS).

It is co-organised by the six specialisation tracks of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes and engages both students and staff in an interdisciplinary reflection about European cultures, their political and intellectual achievements as well as their shortcomings, and the role of modern Europe in the world today. You will also have the option to develop a second disciplinary focus or specialisation in History, Philosophy, English, French, German, or Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literature as part of your common curriculum.

In line with the tradition of Liberal Arts Education, this combination provides both a strong academic specialisation and the ability and flexibility of mind required to leave your comfort zone and engage in multimodal critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Have a look at our 6 specialisation tracks and join us

Career Opportunities

Choosing what to study also influences your career choices. Depending on your plans for the future, a strong specialisation, and sometimes even a second specialisation, are necessary or advised. This would be the case, for instance, if you were thinking of going into teaching.

  • As a graduate of our programme, you will be qualified to pursue a Master’s degree in English Studies; French Studies, German Studies, Luxembourgish Studies, History or Philosophy 
  • In combination with a Master’s degree, our graduates also meet the legal requirements for teaching careers in Luxembourg.

A strong specialisation may be key to accessing certain types of careers. However, in some professions, the ability to grasp and analyse unfamiliar issues and subjects quickly and productively is a highly valued skill. Our programme’s interdisciplinary outlook and focus on critical thinking, presentation skills, and active engagement with text and language prepares our graduates for careers in the following areas, among many others:

  • the media, journalism, and related professions
  • publishing, communication, and public relations
  • cultural agencies and administrations

Directeur d'études


Céline Denis


Myrna Tumelero

Study programme adivsor / Application

Liz Straus

Study programme advisor / Application

Admissions Enquiries


Formation en un coup d’œil

  • 6 semestres
  • 5 disciplines
  • Multilingue & interdisciplinaire
  • 400 € / semestre
    (semestre 1 & 2)
    200 € / semestre
    (semestre 3 à 6)