Certificate in Sustainable Finance

Prerequisites and application

Online applications are open between March 7th and May 26th 2022.


Applicants will be required to provide:

  • CV
  • Copy of a valid passport

Prerequisites to participate in the course:

  • Minimum Bachelor level (180 ECTS) or 3 academic years equivalent. Must be visible from the CV (degree received, major, the name of the granting institution, location)
  • Proficiency in English (min. B2 level)

Next editions : 

  • Summer Edition 2022 : June 7-10 & June 27-30 2022

Applications will open in March 2022


Number of participants and fees

The program is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. We invite motivated participants from different backgrounds with interest in sustainable finance, whether by experience or publications in the field. This should be visible from your CV.

Tuition fee:       3000 EUR per person (payable before the course)

How to apply : 

Step 1:

Step 2: select “Summer Semester 2021-2022” (June 2022 Edition)

Step 3: click on “next”

Step 4: authentication (I am not a robot)

Step 5: Certificate in Sustainable Finance -> Click on “semester 4”

Step 6: Fill in the Form + upload CV, and copy of health insurance and valid ID (no other document needed, ignore the other tabs).