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European Master of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine

The European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) is a non for profit organization registered in Luxembourg dedicated to the advancement of veterinary medicine for companion animals. 

EAVS promoted the transnational organisation of Veterinary Specialization in Europe with the support of the European Union. In 1992 it created the “European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies” to support the concept of veterinary specialization by offering high quality continuing education as a recruitment platform for future specialists. 

ESAVS was founded in 1991 as a project in the frame of the European Union‘s COMETT II and LEONARDO DA VINCI programs. It is affiliated with the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication at the University of Luxembourg. The ESAVS has an outstanding faculty with over 400 veterinary lecturers from over 20 countries. All are certified specialists with excellent didactic skills. ESAVS offers continuing education based on residential courses in various European locations and distance learning.

The ESAVS is a leading international continuing education organization in clinical veterinary medicine for companion animals. It has over 25 years of experience. More than 550 residential courses in 21 clinical disciplines have been organized for over 12.500 participants from 51 countries. ESAVS courses and study programs inspired many to continue their professional development becoming diplomates of European and American specialist colleges and lecturers at universities. 

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