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Master en Droit Bancaire et Financier Européen (LL.M.)


Testimonial: Martin Eduard Debusmann (Germany)

An outstanding, bi-lingual (English/French) programme at one of the most fascinating centres of both the European Union and the global financial industry – that’s the LLM in European Banking and Finance Law at the Université du Luxembourg!

The LLM is the perfect decision for those who plan to (a) study European Law for the banking industry, (b) experience academia at a highly sophisticated level, (c) receive case-based training from renowned practitioners, and (d) improve their knowledge in the working languages English and French.

Being the second largest fund centre after the United States, Luxembourg is a unique place to study European Banking and Finance Law: Besides its huge financial importance, the city also hosts the Court of Justice of the European Union (which encompasses the ECJ, the EGC, and the JCMS), the European Court of Auditors, several divisions of the European Commission and of the European Parliament as well as the EFTA Court.

Consequently, studying at Luxembourg does not only involve lectures from local professors and visiting authorities (my class was taught by professors from the Universities of Cambridge, Sorbonne, LSE London, and the House of Finance/ Goethe University Frankfurt, just to mention a few). An emphasis is also put on case-based training from leading practitioners. For instance, several banking experts trained us on cases about derivative products, structured finance, mutual funds, trust structures, IPO, or loan and insurance arrangements. The President of the General Court (EGC) of the European Union, Marc Jaeger, read our procedural law course.

During my time at Luxembourg, I especially appreciated the small study groups, the international atmosphere, and the highly motivated faculty. In understanding European law, it helped a lot that my 19 class mates from 12 nations could contribute the various national aspects of their home legislation. The programme was intense and demanding, and I remember many nights of fruitful discussions in my study group. My professors and lecturers were absolutely supportive, and I have stayed in regular touch with several of them.

On a more personal level, student life was great since many of my new friends lived close-by, and the positive memories of the great time we had together will be everlasting. I have definitely fallen in love with Luxembourg as a small but modern country, its magnificent landscape of castles, fields and forests, and its picturesque capital city. No wonder that many of my fellow graduates decided to stay, and to work for internationally leading companies in Luxembourg after graduation.

I myself have continued my education at the Universities of Cambridge (MPhil) and Düsseldorf (PhD/ Dr. jur). My education at the University of Luxembourg also prepared me well for my current employment at the Strategy Department of a major German bank.

To conclude, I can recommend the programme both from an academic and a professional perspective.