Visiting Doctoral Candidate

Are you a doctoral candidate at another university and you wish to conduct further research at the University of Luxembourg?

We will be delighted to welcome you as a visiting doctoral candidate.

Visiting doctoral candidates are invited by a professor or by an associate professor of the University of Luxembourg.

Your tasks and objectives are to take an active part in research and/or in a doctoral programme at the University (you will work in a laboratory, attend courses, etc.).

The duration of a visiting doctoral candidate project at the University of Luxembourg is for a period between one month and one year.


  • The project can be funded by an external organisation.
  • The doctoral candidate can finance the project with his own funds.
    Important: Non-European students must have a monthly income of at least ± €1,100 for a stay of more than 3 months.

Please note that as a visiting doctoral candidate, you are not a student of the University of Luxembourg and thus cannot receive a student card nor a library card.