We Are Hiring

We continuously offer positions for doctoral candidates and research associates. Together, we will design breakthrough space systems and cutting-edge systems engineering methods within the highly dynamic and rapidly growing Luxembourg space ecosystem.

Doctoral Candidates

Please refer to the university’s site on doctoral education for further information. Doctoral candidates will receive a full-time contract with the university (rules for parental leave apply). The university offers internationally competitive salaries and flexible working conditions. Part-time PhD proposals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Specific job profiles are available on the Job Portal. For spontaneous applications, don’t hesitate to contact Prof. Andreas Hein

Research Associates

Specific job offers are posted on the Job Portal  - however, if you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Andreas Hein

Student Assistants / MSc. Projects

We are continuously looking for students from the abovementioned disciplines to assist in our research projects (20h, 40h, or 60h per month). We provide opportunities to both, students on the Bachelor’s and Master’s level. If interested, please contact Prof. Andreas Hein.

Specific topics:

  • A Techno-Economic Analysis of the Breakthrough Starshot Beamer
  • CubeSatLab Development


Get involved but still enrolled? Apply for an internship from typically 2 to 6 months conducting research at SnT. Internships are geared (1) towards students on the Masters’ level thinking about a career as a doctoral candidate and (2) towards doctoral candidates thinking about a career as a postdoc.