Research Topics


SpaSys is exploring breakthrough space systems in three interrelated topic areas:

  • Miniaturised space systems: Our aim is to develop miniaturised space systems end-to-end from concept design to flight hardware, launch, and operations. We are working on extremely small space systems – ones that are the size of a credit card – called ChipSats and CubeSats, as well as exploring how these two can function in swarms or formations. The objective is to use these systems to rapidly prototype collaborative space systems but also to quickly test new technologies in space. 
  • Service-based space systems: The internet exploded in popularity because we have so many services that we can rely on – and likewise we explore the possibility of having similar, collaborative infrastructures that can prepare new services in space. Possible examples include edge computing, AI, data centres, as well as communications or resource infrastructures in space. 
  • Space resources and space manufacturing: In line with Luxembourg's space strategy, we work on the use of space resources. Specifically, we develop concepts for space systems using space resources to enable new, breakthrough business models. An example is in-space manufacturing, such as the on-demand manufacturing of large spacecraft components such as solar panels and antennas. How can these manufacturing technologies be integrated into space systems and be economically viable?