The research group focuses on Communications & Networking systems and is headed by Prof. Chatzinotas.

The research areas focus on the formulation, modelling, design, and analysis of 6G communication networks that can support innovative services in a cost-efficient manner. Use cases of interest include IoT verticals, unmanned aerial vehicles, integrated satellite-terrestrial networks, quantum communications and key distribution, spectrum management and coexistence, tactile Internet, and autonomous transportation. As far as technical enablers are concerned, we leverage expertise on massive MIMO cell-free communications, smart-radio environments using intelligent surfaces, machine-type and ultra-reliable and low-latency communications, edge computing & caching, RAN slicing, and network softwarization & virtualization. Finally, due to the large-scale nature, complexity, and heterogeneity of 5G and beyond networks, for their analysis and optimization we use mathematical tools such as machine learning, graph theory and graph-signal processing, multivariate statistics and convex/non-convex optimization.

Our activities are experimentally driven and supported by the SDR CommLab, the SDN Lab, the 6GSPACE Lab, our SW Simulators, and our OTA Facilties.