• pEp Security

It is a foundation, a cooperative and a company. Embracing the mission that everyone deserves privacy and security by default, it has set pEp, an application to easing the use of end-to-end encryption for written digital communication. pEp aims to change the default in written digital communications to encrypted, verified and anonymized ("Privacy by Default").

IRiSC/pEp partnership is about analysis of the socio-technical security of pEp’s protocols, human interfaces, and user experience.



It is a company that aims to turn genome data generated by European clinical and research institutions into a lifelong asset for the individual. Patients and research participants having undergone whole-genome sequencing get access to and governance of their personal genetic information.

IRiSC/MEGENO partnership is about solutions for data governance and dynamic user consent, technology for transparency in data management, and privacy genome technologies.