Digital Financial Services and Cross-Organisational Digital Transformations

Building bridges between technology, finance, and society




How can we use leading-edge technology to address the pressing problems of our time? FINATRAX conducts research on the application and the impact of digital technologies like Blockchain, Digital Identities, Artificial Intelligence, or 5G on organisations in the private or public sector. By doing so, it builds bridges between business research and information systems engineering.

FINATRAX emphasizes diversity. The team consists of international researchers with backgrounds in management, technology, and other fields. They share a common interest in applying their knowledge to solve the big-think challenges of the future. The group fosters an interdisciplinary atmosphere in which researchers contribute to creating the link between technology, industry, and society. In fact, FINATRAX’s primary objective is to use the next generation of IT technologies to make a difference in the world.

Partners from the private and public sectors looking to transform their organisation will find a team of experts able to understand their business and operational models, and to find secure and reliable technological solutions to address their challenges. More than only optimising existing processes, though, FINATRAX looks at digital transformation in a broad perspective – essentially looking to change the traditional way of doing business. The group’s research activities span a large variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Energy, and Public Administration, among others.


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