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Partnership Day 2016

To promote its Partnership Program and thank its partners for their commitment, SnT is organizing for the fifth time his biggest annual event the Partnership Day.

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Date: 7/06/2016

Time: 9:30-18:00

Venue: Parc Hotel Alvisse


Program - Morning Part 

9:30 Arrival of the participants: Registration & Coffee

10:00 Opening the Partnership Day

  • Romain Martin, Vice-President UL: Welcome to academic affairs
  • Björn Ottersten, Director SnT: Another year of intense research and innovation

10:30 Keynote speech

  • Thierry Fromes, Independent Director: What’s Next - A Glimpse Ahead

11:00 Walking the SnT Knowledge Avenue and Coffee of course!

Testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: System modeling, Meta-heuristic search and Machine-Learning search and Machine Learning




Raja Ben Abdessalem





Reza Matinnejad





Thierry Derrmann, Lara Codeca, Walter Bronzi, Sasan Jafarnejad

SeRCome Project - POST Partnership




Ludovic Mouline, Alejandro Sanchez Guinea, Andrey Boytsov





Renato Baptista, Michel Antunes, Djamila Aouada, Björn Ottersten

RGB-D-T camera rig




Michel Antunes, Djamila Aouada, Björn Ottersten

Dynamic 3D sensing




Djamila Aouada, Hassan Afzal, Björn Ottersten

Multi-view reconstruction




Hassan Afzal, Djamila Aouada, Björn Ottersten

Human-computer interaction using a wearable magnet




Andrei Popleteev, Andra Lezza, Liuba

eGlasses: The interactive eyeglasses for mobile, perceptual computing




Andrei Popleteev, Andra Lezza, Liuba

Software Defined Radio Implementation of Linear Precoding through USRP




Symeon Chatzinotas, Juan Duncan, Stefano Andrenacci, Jevgenij Krivochiza

Permanently re-encrypting enclaves (for the durable protection of sensitive data)





Privacy protecting DNA alignment





Cooperative Robots


Automation & Robotics


Dr. Patrice Caire, Prof. Holger Voos, Alexander Eyjolfsson, Gary Cornelius

CoRobots 4 VdL 


Automation & Robotics


Dr. Patrice Caire, Prof. Holger Voos, Alexander Eyjolfsson, Gary Cornelius


DJI Developer Challenge 2016: SnT-Luxembourg Team


Automation & Robotics


Miguel Angel Olivares Mendez

Using SCREAM to perform a Socio-Technical Security Analysis




Jean-Louis Huynen

Luxembourg Social Map




Jun Pang, Polina Zablotskaia, Yang Zhang


11:30 SnT Research Treasures

  • Lionel Briand: Testing the untestable (TUNE), European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant
  • Dennis Appelt, Automated Security Testing of Web-Based Systems, Against SQL Injection Attacks
  • Chetan Arora, Enhancing Automation & Accuracy of Requirements, Quality Assurance (RQA) Processes via Natural Language Processing
  • Hassan Afzal, 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes Via Multi-ViewVision Systems
  • Daniel Di Nardo, Model-Based Test Automation Strategies for Data Processing Systems
  • Jean-Louis Huynen, Socio-Technical Aspects of Security Analysis
  • Wei Dou, A Model-driven approach to offline trace checking of temporal properties

12:30 Lunch

  • wishing you stimulating conversations

Program  -  Afternoon Part

14:00 Walking the SnT Knowledge Avenue

  • Demonstrations and Networking

15:30 Started Start-ups and Proof of Concepts

Including Drinks

17:00 Closing ambient Session