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Partnership Day 2014

To celebrate and promote its Partnership Program, SnT is organizing for the third time the Partnership Day on May 20, 2014 starting at 9:30.


9:30 Arrival of the participants: Registration & Coffee
10:00 Opening the Partnership Day

10:30 Keynote speech

11:00 Demonstrations & Coffee

  • Jean Schweitzer: Introduction to the demos
  • Model-Based Testing of Automotive Software Systems - Reza Matinnejad, Software Verification and Validation Lab
  • Automated Testing for SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in Web Services - Dennis Appelt, Software Verification and Validation Lab
  • High quality reconstruction of non-rigid moving - Hassan Afzal, Kassen Al Ismaeil, Dr. Djamila Aouada, SIGCOM
  • Enhanced depth sensing for automatic gesture control - Kassem Al Ismaeil, Dr. Djamila Aouada, SIGCOM
  • An Adaptive Tuning Approach for MapReduce Query Processing - Edson Ramiro Lucas Filho, SERVAL
  • Reactive Security for Smart Grids using Models@run-time based Simulation and Reasoning - Dr. Jacques Klein, Thomas Hartmann, SERVAL 
  • RoboCopains (Robotically enhanced CoPaInS) - Katsiaryna Safronava, Dr. Patrice Caire, Dr. Miguel Angel Olivares Mendez, Prof. Yves Le Traon, Prof. Holger Voos, SERVAL & Automation Research Group
  • sciPADS - Creative inquiries with tablet cloud systems in elementary science - Nathalie Hack, Ju-Youn Song, DICA
  • IGEAR - Dr. Rod McCall, Dr. Nicolas Louveton, Dr. Vincent Koenig, Dr. Tigran Avanesov, Martin Kracheel, Dr. Andrei Popleteev, Prof. Thoams Engel, NETLAB
  • Smart E-Vehicle - Dr. Raphael Frank, Dr. German Castignani, NETLAB 
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance with UAV's - Prof. Holger Voos, Dr. Miguel Angel Olivares Mendes, Dr. Somasundar Kannan, Automation Research Group
  • EasyVote - Arash Atashpendar, Dan Durbaca, APSIA
  • Low distortion inverter stimulation for monitoring of Distributed Generation grid - Surena Neshvad, Udit Tewari, Reliable Decentral Energy Systems 
  • Integral construction and control design employing heat flow dynamics for increased thermogenerator's efficiency - Mark Otto Gies, Reliable Decentral Energy Systems 

12:15 Lunch
13:30 Partner Presentations Part 1

14:30 Coffee Break & Demonstrations
15:00 Partner Presentations Part 2

16:00 Closing Drink