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Partnership Program

SnT is committed to fostering the production of innovative ideas, increasing the depth and breadth of the competence of, and facilitating research in collaboration with, established partners as well as new start-ups in the ICT industry.

Through the partnership program, partners contribute to and influence the development of SnT at all levels. The partners have representation on the SnT Board where the centre's strategy is developed. The Industrial Advisory Board supports the strategy and operations of SnT. Research is conducted jointly in partnered projects where SnT and partners contribute know-how and resources to achieve common goals.

The partnership program also allows research activity to be leveraged with public research funding through the European Framework programmes, European Space Agency, and the National Research Funding Agency (FNR). Industrial PhD student projects are an attractive form of collaboration with SnT. Together with a partner, a PhD student project is defined (3+1 years duration) which is of interest to the partner and scientifically appropriate for a thesis. Together, a suitable student is recruited and the project is often carried out both at the partner premises and at SnT.


Partnership Day 2017

Thank you to everyone that attended and took part in our SnT Partnership Day 2017, which took place on 30 May. You can read a summary of the event here.


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Partnership Day 2017

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) cordially invites you to its 6th annual Partnership Day. Join us to discover the latest highlights from our research projects with our industry and public partners.

Date: Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Time: 10:00-18:30
Venue: d'Coque, 2 Rue Léon Hengen, L-2167 Luxembourg

Booking required (deadline: Thursday 25 May 2017)

Our industry and public partnerships are at the heart of our activities; we work with our partner organisations to establish Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence and innovation in the field of secure, reliable and trustworthy ICT systems and services.

The annual Partnership Day is a chance for us to thank our partners and to showcase our work to the wider community. There will be stands demonstrating highlights from our research, keynote talks, panel discussions, and much more.

Please take the time to join us on Tuesday 30 May 2017 and discover what we are doing together to foster collaboration and innovation, benefiting companies in Luxembourg and beyond.


09:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00 Opening Session

  • Welcome Address - Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg
  • SnT on the Move: Strategy and Status - Prof. Björn Ottersten, Director, SnT

10:45 Keynote Session

  • Algorithmic Trading to Algorithmic Regulation - Prof. Philip Treleaven, Director of the Financial Computing Centre, University College London

11:30 Guided Tour along the SnT Research Trail (and coffee)

  • SnT research groups along with their industrial and public partners conduct demonstrations, presenting their latest research.

12:15 Networking Lunch

13:30 Session 1: SnT Start-up Success Stories
Chair: Dr. Marc Lemmer, SnT

Start-ups and spin-offs are the result of successful application-oriented research that has found its way into an innovative business. In this session we inform you about the backgrounds, concepts and successes of our start-ups.

  • Motion-S SARL - Dr. German Castignani
  • Black Swan LUX SARL - Dr. Emilia Tantar
  • DataThings SARL - Dr Grégory Nain
  • LuxAI S.A. - Dr. Pouyan Ziafati

13:30 Session 2: Research on Fintech with SnT
Chair: Dr. Jean Hilger, BCEE

The rapid growth of the FinTech industry is facing complex challenges in terms of security and regulation, with new transaction methods in the handling of large amounts of sensitive personal and corporate data. In this session SnT discusses FinTech with partners from across the sector.

  • Detecting fraud with temporal behavioral models - Olivier Merlan, iDetect/Logos
  • Data Analytics for personalised financial services - Patric de Waha, BCEE
  • Predictive Security Pattern Selection - Prof. Lionel Briand, SnT
  • Distributed Ledger Prototype and Data Analytics for KYC (Know Your Customer) - Andrey Martovoy, ABBL Foundation

14:45 Guided Tour along the SnT Research Trail (and coffee)

  • SnT research groups along with their industrial and public partners conduct demonstrations, presenting their latest research.

15:30 Session 3: Shaping Industry 4.0
Chair: Dr. Miguel Olivares, SnT

Industry 4.0 is the name given to the massive changes being driven by automation technology and robotics. In this session we will discuss concrete examples.

  • Future Developments for Flexible Production Processes - Mag. Beatrix Blab, Rogler International
  • ICT Enabler for Soft Landing Design and Implementation for Innovative Building Operations - Dr. Anne-Marie Solvi, Paul Wurth
  • Open Standard-based Framework for Stepping into the "Industry 4.0" Realm - Frank-Alexandre Sallebant-Bessone, CEBI
  • Developing the intelligent Museum of tomorrow - Marie-Paule Jungblut, VdL

15:30 Session 4: Cybersecurity and Data Analytics
Chair: Dr Radu State, SnT

Data analytics apply important methodical, debugging and verifying tools that can be widely used in cybersecurity, covering secure transactions and preserving data privacy. We will introduce this field.

  • Protocols of Privacy Security Analysis - Volker Birk, pEp pretty Easy privacy
  • Distributed Trust and Autonomous Contractual Partnerships - Rachid Ouaich, Eethiq
  • Infrachain - Dr. Thomas Scherer/Frank Roessig, Telindus
  • Self-learning Predictive Algorithms for In-App Data for Effective Mobile Gaming Monetization - Mats Brorsson, OLAMOBILE
  • Anomaly Detection and Machine Learning with Big Data Systems - Diogo Menezes, Choice

16:45 Summarising Partnership Day

Chair: Prof. Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo, SnT

17:00 Chill out with cocktails, jazz quartet & magic