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Verifiable Voting Schemes Workshop, from Theory to Practice

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Date de l'événement : jeudi 21 mars 2013 08:30 - vendredi 22 mars 2013 18:00
Lieu : Weicker Building -Room B001 Ground floor, 4 rue Alphonse Weicker, L-2721 Luxembourg

Recently there have been a number of initiatives around the world implementing and deploying verifiable voting schemes in "real" elections: Scantegrity II in Takoma Park, Helios at UCL, the Norwegian and Estonian systems, Wombat at IDC, Prêt à Voter in Victoria State Australia, StarVote in Travis County, etc. The time seems right to bring together people involved in these initiatives. We are organizing an invitation-only workshop with as its primary focus to bring together people active in developing and deploying "real" verifiable voting systems. We see this as an opportunity to exchanges ideas, experiences, lessons learnt etc.

Sponsors: FNR Luxembourg

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