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Research Seminar: Interactive Web Lectures with ASQ

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Conférencier : Cesare Pautasso, USI Faculty of Informatics in Lugano, Switzerland
Date de l'événement : vendredi, 26 août 2016, 10:00 - 10:45
Lieu : Weicker Building - Room B001

Abstract: In this talk we will present our vision of how the Web can transform brick and mortar classrooms with real-time bidirectional communication between presenters and the entire audience. In our experience teaching with ASQ at the USI Faculty of Informatics in Lugano, we find it very useful to turn student laptops and mobile phones from a distraction to an additional communication channel to increase the engagement of the students, who are not only passively listening and watching content on slides but also can participate by answering questions, which can range across many different types of problems. Solutions submitted by students are collected in real time, aggregated and mined by ASQ, thus making it possible for teachers to gain an increased level of awareness about the level of understanding of every student. Finally, we will talk about lessons learned during the deployment of ASQ in Computer Science courses across 3 Universities. Built on open Web technologies, ASQ lets anyone with a modern Web browser to join an interactive learning experience.

Cesare Pautasso is associate professor at the USI Faculty of Informatics in Lugano, Switzerland. He leads the Architecture, Design and Web Information Systems Engineering research group. For more information see