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Open Day 2019: Get up close and personal with our research activities!

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Publié le mercredi 06 mars 2019

The 2019 open day at the University of Luxembourg marks a special milestone for two of its interdisciplinary research centres: SnT and LCSB are turning 10! All the more reason to swing by and take a closer look at our research activities.

Hands-on experiences at the library

Have you been to the new Learning Centre? Aside from architecture that’s out of this world, this futuristic library is also an inspirational place to learn. Open Day is the perfect opportunity to visit, since we’re bringing a couple of exciting technology-driven experiences:


Dr. Dario Cazzato, Dr. Manuel Castillo Lopez, and Claudio Cimarelli are bringing a couple of their flagship drones, and you can find out more about how they use these for bridge inspections and aircraft maintenance.

Dr. Jorge Augusto Meira is hooking you up with the Microsoft Hololens so you can try your hand at augmented reality. He uses this tool in his research to visualize the massive amounts of data generated every day.

Curious about cryptography? Johann Groszschädl will be there to present this fascinating science and its role in IT security, and how blockchain technology will impact banking and other industries in the future.

We’ll also be sharing the floor with our C2DH colleagues who will be bringing you a virtual experience of history.

Go behind the scenes at LCSB

And if you’re curious about the research in systems biomedicine taking place at the university, the LCSB researchers have you covered. There will be 4 scheduled tours to go behind the scenes and explore the laboratories where researchers from different disciplines (biology, medicine, informatics, mathematics, physics, engineering, etc.) work together to better understand the mechanisms underlying diseases and develop new avenues for disease prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Curious about Parkinson’s disease and how they study it? Or about how the microbiome - the microbes that live inside our gut - influence health and disease? Then come and experience the real life of a scientist and join one of the LCSB lab tours!

To secure your spot, we recommend you register ahead of time for one of the guided tours by sending an e-mail to For more information on the guided tours, please visit the event page.

Celebrating 10 years of interdisciplinary research

Time flies! SnT and LCSB have come a long way since launching their activities in 2009. Today, over 500 talented people combined work together to innovate in Luxembourg and around the world.

SnT 2009-2019
Over 40 Industry Partners
More than 70 European Projects
103 graduated PhDs
4 Spin-offs
And counting…


LCSB 2009-2019
Over 40 Industry Partners
More than 410 collaborative projects active till 2018
745 publications
56 graduated PhDs
4 Spin-offs

Stay tuned for a year full of celebrations and new milestones!