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Keeping up with the Cyber Arms Race

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Publié le vendredi 09 octobre 2020

As people entrust companies with more and more sensitive information the stakes for cybersecurity are getting higher. Making the investment to ensure systems and information are protected is vital. SnT’s Prof. Jacques Klein recently sat down with Paperjam to discuss this, and the role automation can play in the cybersecurity landscape.

The interview was published yesterday as part of Paperjam’s latest Grand Dossier, this installment focusing on AI, Data, and Cybersecurity. You can find it here.

In the article Klein goes into detail about the variety of ways that automation can impact the security of information and software. An example he used is how penetration testing, which is a security test traditionally done by cybersecurity firms, could become more accessible to small companies by automating it. From software testing, to GDPR compliance, automation has the potential to impact every aspect of cybersecurity going forward. Klein concludes the interview by putting a call out for industry partners to collaborate with on his research in this domain.

You can find more detail about his search for collaborators, and his research, by reading the story here: