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Aligning Public and Private Investment in ICT Research

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Publié le mercredi 10 juillet 2019

The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has awarded funding to seven industry collaborations at the University of Luxembourg, of which four are taking place at SnT. The support comes through FNR’s BRIDGES programme, which provides funding for industry partnerships between public research institutions in Luxembourg and national or international companies.

Collaborative partnerships are a key part of SnT’s research model, allowing scientists to tackle well-defined problems in close contact with industry professionals in three-to-four year projects. Together they develop innovative technologies that are applicable and scalable in real-world environments. The 1.5 million euros of funding awarded to SnT through the latest BRIDGES call will support collaborations in smart factories, machine learning for FinTech applications, a new framework for satellite communications, and artificial intelligence for GDPR compliance assessments.

Over 40 industry and public partners collaborate with SnT, contributing five million euros per year to the Centre’s work through its Partnership Program. FNR support for such projects helps to both encourage collaboration, and to make Luxembourg an attractive hub for research and innovation.

Projects supported by the latest BRIDGES call

  • Stability 4.0: Researchers led by Prof. Yves Le Traon will work with electromechanical components manufacturer Cebi to develop the IT infrastructure necessary for factory machinery to communicate as part of a smart production line.
  • ExLiFT: Along with industry partner BGL BNP Paribas, a team of researchers led by Dr. Jacques Klein will work on solutions to use machine learning technology in FinTech applications. So far, the use of machine learning in this area is limited, as it is often perceived as a black box. The team aims to design systems that are transparent for users and auditors while simultaneously providing the benefits of advanced data analysis.
  • DISBuS: A team of researchers led by Dr. Symeon Chatzinotas will collaborate with satellite operator SES to develop a comprehensive framework that improves communication between satellites and ground stations. The project team will develop and demonstrate two novel digital signal processing techniques.
  • ARTAGO: Being compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major challenge for many companies. In the ARTAGO project, a team of researchers led by Dr. Mehrdad Sabetzadeh will work on solutions for computer-assisted assessment of GDPR compliance using artificial intelligence to extract information from a variety of legal documents such as privacy-policy statements. The project is part of a collaboration between SnT and law firm Linklaters.


SnT is turning 10! We’ve come a long way since launching our activities in 2009. Stay tuned for a year full of celebrations, cutting-edge research, and new milestones.