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We’re looking for people driven by excellence, excited about innovation, and looking to make a difference. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.


SnT stands out because of its dual approach. We define our work by focusing on excellence in fundamental scientific research, and giving that work context through research partnerships. Our researchers collaborate with industry, government, and international partners, ensuring their projects are aligned with society’s current challenges. At the same time, we are active in several international research projects funded by the EU and the European Space Agency.



Every stage of an SnT experience is international. Researchers join us from all four corners of the globe, making the centre a rich environment full of cross-cultural connections. At the end of their time with us many of our alumni find success in Luxembourg, and even more travel on to new positions at universities and companies around the world. 

We invite researchers from diverse academic backgrounds to contribute to our projects in areas such as: Network Security, Information Assurance, Model-driven Security, Cloud Computing, Cryptography, Satellite Systems, Vehicular Networks, and ICT Services & Applications.






Why choose SnT?

Take the next step in your career.


  • Expand your academic network. Collaborate with some of the brightest minds in ICT research.  
  • Create a professional network. Get to know the companies and public institutions we work with through our Partnership Programme and our flagship events: Partnership Day. This is where the small size of the Grand Duchy comes in handy: did you ever get a chance to talk about your research with a CEO or a minister before? 
  • Travel to conferences. SnT actively encourages its research staff to attend relevant conferences around the world. This is our commitment to excellence and to helping you create a solid network.


 Receive the tools and support you need.


  • Exciting infrastructure and unique labs. At SnT, you can take a walk on the moon, build your own satellite, or help make autonomous vehicles even better. We have two campus locations so you get the best of both worlds. 
  • Multiple funding sources available. The University supports researchers in acquiring funding from national, European and private sources. Check SnT’s latest FNR, EU and ESA Projects here.
  • Comprehensive research facilitation. At SnT research teams get reliable and extensive support for all administrative tasks, such as finding funding and writing proposals.

Enjoy outstanding benefits.


  • Competitive salary packages. The University offers paid doctoral positions, fixed-term contracts, and permanent positions. 
  • Time to disconnect and to care about family. You have 32 days of annual leave to rest and recuperate, in addition to 11 days of public holidays, generous maternity and parental leave, and 40 hours of personal time off every year for personal appointments.
  • Top-notch health insurance. Every University employee is automatically enrolled in the Caisse Nationale de la Santé (CNS), offering coverage in Luxembourg and in the European Union. You can also complement this already excellent health insurance with additional, private add-ons.
  • Subsidised eating. The University offers subsidised lunch vouchers to its staff, and if you’re a doctoral researcher: your meals are comped at a reduced price at University restaurants -- bon appetit!

Benefit from our strong community.


  • Hello, world! Be part of a multicultural family: at SnT we have more than 60 nationalities. English is our official working language, but you’ll hear many different languages everyday.
  • #teamwork. We value our dynamic company culture, so be prepared for teambuilding events, networking activities and more.
  • We keep our doors open. Chat with our professors, ask a technician to tour our Lunalab. Grab lunch with a tech transfer expert. Everyone is accessible to anyone.

Fun perks.


  • Learn new skills. The University offers a wide range of extra classes to aid your professional development, like writing scientific publications or giving a scientific talk. You will never stop learning!
  • Moien. Bonjour. Hallo. The University offers complimentary language classes, and you can even get ECTS credits! Learn one, two, or all of the country’s home languages 100% for free.
  • Get active, creative, and unwind. A wide range of complimentary sports and wellbeing courses, art workshops, cultural events, as well as access to musical, theatre and dance ensembles, await you. 



Why choose SnT for your PhD?


More about the University and Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg is one of the world’s youngest and fastest-growing universities; it is also one of the most international, with a research-oriented approach that its variety of research units and interdisciplinary research centres support.

Luxembourg’s central location provides researchers with excellent opportunities to engage in cross-border projects and international collaboration. It is a future-looking country that has a dynamic and progressive culture. The government focuses on creating a constructive working and living environment, making it the perfect hub for researchers coming from around the world.  

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is renowned for its political and social stability, skilled and multilingual workforce, state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent connectivity to markets, as well as its favourable legal environment and financial climate.

By 2030, Luxembourg aims to become a sustainable, knowledge-driven, diverse and trusted digital society. Boosting research, development and innovation (RDI) is a national priority, and successive Governments have been highly supportive of investment in both public and private research.



Luxembourg at a glance:

  • 626,000 people live in Luxembourg: 48% of the population is made up of foreigners. 170 nationalities have been recorded across the country. (source:
  • Located at the heart of Europe, Luxembourg shares borders with Germany, France and Belgium, and everyday 185,000 cross-border employees travel to Luxembourg to work.
  • Official languages: Luxembourgish, German, French. English is widely spoken and a favorite in the business community. Inhabitants speak on average 6 languages (#1 in the EU)
  • The economy of Luxembourg is based mainly on the banking, steel, and industrial sectors. 

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