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Automatic verification of security and privacy properties - January 24, 2011

It is our pleasure to host this distinguished lecture by Prof. Dr. Mark D. Ryan from the University of Birmingham. The lecture will be followed by a reception.Please feel free to forward this invitation.

Abstract: The desired security properties of the systems that support our online activities are often rather subtle and difficult to formalise.

Examples include:

  • Authenticity: my banking, social networking and web browsing activities should be conducted with the intended interlocutor and in privacy.
  •  Untraceability: my neighbour, employer, or a stalker should not be able to track my location via my mobile phone or RFID tag.
  • Verifiability: I should be able to check that my vote was correctly recorded, and that my auction bid was fairly processed.

In the talk, Mark D. Ryan will look at a range of such properties and how they may be formalised. He will also describe state-of-art techniques for verifying that systems correctly guarantee that the properties hold.

Mark D. Ryan is a Professor of Computer Security at the University of Birmingham, where he coordinates a group of about 8 researchers. They currently have research projects on hardware-based security, electronic voting, pervasive applications, and security analysis. Most of his work is in analysis of security protocols and access control systems. He obtained his bachelors and masters degrees from University of Cambridge (1987), and his PhD from Imperial College London (1992).