Welcome to the KNOWLEDGE DISCOVERY AND MINING research group


Core Team (from left to right; 7 December 2022)

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer (Head)
  • Dr. Salima Lamsiyah, Researcher in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning
  • MSc. Nina Hossini-Kivanani: Speech Recognition with Parkinson Patients. Supervisor.
  • MSc. Aria Nourbaksh /C21 (August 2022): PhD topic about Chatbots; with CISCO and script.lu Supervisor
  • MSc. Yasi Yousefi.The quest for Fairness in AI: Legal, Ethical, and Technical Solutions. LAST-JD Graduate School. co-tutuelle with University of Bologna, Prof. Silvia Zullo. Supervisor
  • MSc. Daniel Karpati: REMEDIS The Limits of Autonomous Decision-making in Machine Ethics. Supervisor.
  • MSc. Faria Ferooz: Legal Knowledge modelling of medieval manuscript of history of law: linked open Data of Cultural Heritage. LAST-JD Graduate School. co-tutuelle with University of Bologna, Prof. Palmirani. Supervisor.


  • MSc. Alejandro Raboso Campos (external PhD candidate; European Investment Bank): Artificial Intelligence for unstructured data analysis in fundamental value investments. Supervisor.
  • Isabelle Schroeder (Secretariat)

Research Interests

  • Applications of Machine Learning
  • Applications of Natural Language Processing
  • Data Science
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Interdisciplinary working, for example in Humanities, Arts, Digital Medicine, Computational Law, Computational Finance.

Current Projects

  • REMEDIS, JUMP21, National Research Fund (FNR) (2022- 2024). With Daniel Karpati. (PI)
  • Deep Data Science for Digital History/D4H, PRIDE, National Research Fund (FNR) (PI: Prof. Andreas Fickers, C2DH).
  • BeCoS, PSP Flagship, National Research Fund (FNR) (PI: Elisabeth John, Scienteens Lab, LCSB, UL).
  • Collaboration 21/C21 - IPBG Industrial Fellowship program, National Research Fund (FNR). PI: Prof Vincent Koenig. Cooperation with CISCO and Script Luxembourg (2021 - 2025).
  • AI & Art Pavilion. Funded by National Research Fund (FNR), Esch2022, University of Luxembourg.

Current Courses


Contact: {firstname.lastname}@uni.lu

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