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Swarm Intelligent Mission systeMS

Financement: Fonds National de la Recherche > POC
Date de début: 1 février 2019
Date de fin: 30 avril 2021


SIMMS brings a set of innovative algorithms to create a distributed (swarm) intelligence that allows autonomous, highly effective, cost efficient, and coordinated undertaking of missions by mobile vehicles, principally drones. This plug-and-play A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) technology, in the form of a ‘smart box’, can be used and tailored to all sorts of monitoring, securitisation, rescue or tracking missions. The smart box is compatible with major brands of mobile robots and drones, such as Parrot, DJI, etc.

The integration of SIMMS’ proprietary A.I. technology with off-the-shelf sensorial and visualisation technology results in the fully autonomous and coordinated execution of swarm missions The use of swarms of from two to tens of autonomous robots, results in the opportunity to cover greater areas, achieve missions in a fast and efficient way, a higher accuracy and reliability and above all a much more cost effective deployment of technology.