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Secure, Usable and Robust Cryptographic Voting Systems

Financement: Fonds National de la Recherche > INTER
Date de début: 1 novembre 2018
Date de fin: 31 octobre 2022


This project will investigate the security of voting systems and increase our assurance in state-of-the-art voting systems. We have
identified three specific areas which are critical in progressing towards adoption of modern voting systems to the benefit of society.

User confidence: Most users are not interested in the cryptographic details, but user acceptance relies on an understanding of the processes involved. Voting systems must be designed so that voters believe in their security and integrity.

Security proofs: In the cryptographic community it is now routine to provide a mathematical security proof for algorithms and protocols. This is not typically the case for electronic voting systems deployed today. Obtaining such proofs for typical complex voting systems will require innovative proof methods.

Long-term security: Electronic records will be protected by cryptography, but they will be public and must remain secure into the future. A specific long-term threat against most existing voting system is quantum computers. This project will address each of these areas. We will contribute to increased confidence in our voting systems, and thereby also in the integrity of the electoral process. Our emphasis on security proofs for voting systems will improve the overall assurance of voting systems, both directly and by establishing a scientific standard in the field of voting systems.

This project will also generate new knowledge with regard to cryptographic protocols, in particular about protocols involving humans and the practicability of automatic verification for complicated, real-world protocols.