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Knowledge Discovery and Mining

Objectifs de recherche

About us

The MINE research group pursues an interdisciplinary research approach and is embedded in a field that is primarily concerned with the application of artificial intelligence, in particular machine learning and natural language processing. In this context, we cooperate with colleagues from all faculties, e.g., colleagues from C2DH, the departments of Linguistics, Cognitive Sciences, Life Sciences and others, with the University of Bologna as well as UC London, and with industry partners such as RTL, IEE, European Investment Bank, SES, and Post.

Current research projects are on Sentiment analysis with Luxembourgish (RTL), topic modelling in Australian Aboriginal literature, speech recognition for Parkinson's patients, and some more. The group is involved in the Esch2022 project (PhotoBooth); we are member of the RoboLab.

Currently, MINE consists of one professor, two PostDocs and six PhD students whose research concern areas such as sentiment analysis, topic modelling and natural language understanding in general, as well as other applications in Machine learning. A central focus is the training of students at Bachelor, Master and PhD level both at the Uni Luxembourg and at the FU Berlin and Singapore University (SUTD).


  • Natural Language Processing (UL BICS, FU Berlin)
  • Selected Aspects of Artificial Intelligence (Singapore University)
  • Machine Learning (UL Space Master, UL MICS Master)
  • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (UL MICS Master)
  • Information Retrieval and Learning (UL MICS Master)
  • Data Science (UL MMATH Master, UL BICS)
  • Database Management (UL BINFO)

Current Team

  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer
  • Isabelle Schroeder (Secretarian)
  • Dr. Vladimir Despotovic
  • Dr. Juliana Stropp (Marie-Curie Fellowship)
  • MSc. Ekaterina Kamlovskaya (PhD candidate)
  • MSc. Daniel Karpati (PhD candidate)
  • MSc. Aliona Codrean (external PhD candidate)
  • MSc. Nina Hosseini-Kivanani (PhD candidate)
  • MSc. Alejandro Campos Roboso (external PhD candidate)
  • MSc. Federico Galli (PhD candidate, with University Bologna)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer

Web sites:; (private site; Prof Schommer)

Projets de recherche actuels

AIAHTMM - Approaching Indigenous Australian History With Text Mining Methods

Plage de temps: 1 janvier 2017 - 15 mai 2021
Financement: FNR, UL
Participants: SCHOMMER, Christoph (Responsable de projet), KAMLOVSKAYA, Ekaterina (Doctorant)


Despite their remarkable value, autobiographies appear to remain one of the most under-utilized historical resources. The proposed research project in digital humanities will apply computational Distant Reading-methods (natural language processing in general and topic modeling in particular) as a complement to traditional ”close reading” of Indigenous Australian autobiographies, aiming to …

PhotoBooth - PhotoBooth

Plage de temps: 15 janvier 2021 - 31 décembre 2021
Financement: FNR
Organisations partenaires: LuxAI
Participants: SCHOMMER, Christoph (Responsable de projet), NAJJAR, Amro (Coordinateur de projets), NOUZRI, Sana (Coordinateur de projets)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer only part of science fiction. In recent years, the rapid rise of AI has been simultaneously stunning, promising, sometimes disappointing —and could also be perceived as scary. Views on AI are diverging from experts claiming "Fear artificial stupidity, not artificial intelligence!" to prominent scientists …