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Intelligent and Adaptive Systems

The "Intelligent and Adaptive Systems" research area is concerned with - the theoretical foundations and the algorithmic realization of - information processing and reasoning in complex and dynamic environments given limited resources and incomplete or uncertain information. It encompasses three overlapping subthemes and their corresponding topics:

  • Intelligent agents:
    Computational techniques for autonomous problem solving and decision making in complex environments populated by humans and/or artificial agents.
    • Normative Multi-Agent Systems, Cognitive Agents/Robots, Decision Systems, Computational Social Choice and Agreement Technologies.
  • Computational Intelligence:
    Adaptive systems exploiting learning, flexible probabilistic, or nature-inspired computing models to deal with opaque, dynamic contexts, and big data.
    • Bio-inspired Computing, Data Science, Text/Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Information Theory.
  • Computational/Applied Logic:
    Logic-based methods for analyzing/specifying computational systems, providing advanced knowledge representation and reasoning techniques for intelligent agents.
    • Agent logics, Normative Reasoning, Knowledge Representation, Uncertain Inference, Foundations of Reasoning.

The website of the Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Research Area is located here:


Ce domaine de recherche est traité par les professeurs suivants:
  • Pascal BOUVRY:
    • Computer Networks
    • Cloud Computing
    • Parallel and evolutionary computing
  • Luis LEIVA:
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Information Retrieval and Learning
    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
  • Christoph SCHOMMER:
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Artificial Companions
    • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    • Data Science
    • Information Retrieval and Learning
    • Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Data Science
    • Data Science
    • Data Science
  • Ulrich SORGER:
    • Coding Theory
    • Information Theory
    • Transmission over Time Variant Channels
    • Information Exchange
    • Agreement Technologies and Cognitive Dynamics
    • Foundations of Reasoning and AI
    • Knowledge Representation and Natural Language Semantics
    • Logics for Intelligent Agents/Robots
    • Normative Multi-Agent Systems and Deontic Reasoning
    • Uncertain and Nonmonotonic Inference


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