u- 2010

Ubiquitous IP-centric Government & Enterprise NGN Vision 2010

U2010 is a consortium of 16 industrial, governmental and scientific partners to address the strategic objective for Environmental Risk Management of the European ICT (information and communication technologies) sector. In-line with this objective U2010’s research is designed to support GMES in-situ monitoring systems (emerging self-organizing, ad hoc network technologies), public safety communication (alert systems, citizen communication, rapidly deployable emergency telecommunications systems) and convergence (early adoption of common open architectures). In particular, the project will improve the availability and reliability of a defined collection of ubiquitous services and existing networks incl. POTS ensuring public safety communication on critical infrastructures by leveraging redundant communication channels were ever possible and using automatic redirection or transformation of communications in case of network failures. The main focus will be on "bridging" networks, which are sometimes using the Internet Protocol (IP). Luxembourg was chosen as reference scenario because all the different networks involved in the scenarios are available and the lower size of the networks and the few interfaces necessary make it a perfect test bed. This project is funded by the European commission and is expected to launch in June/July 2006. Contract negotiations are ongoing.

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