Security and Networking Lab

Objectifs de recherche

The Security and Networking Lab (SECAN-Lab) is headed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel who is Professor for Computer Networks and Telecommunications at the University of Luxembourg since 2003. SECAN-Lab addresses both fundamental and applied research activities in computer networking and security. The main research activities of our group cover the following areas:

  • Privacy and security by distribution
  • SCADA and cyber security
  • Vehicular and multimodal traffic management
  • Privacy in data communications, protection against network traffic analysis
  • Internet of Things, Quality of Service, IPv6 integration
  • Wireless networks and mobile security
  • Indoor positioning
  • Financial technologies including smart contracts and blockchain
  • Network and systems security including machine learning for big data analysis, malware detection and IT forensics
  • Interaction, games and novel interface technologies and their application to vehicular communication
  • Software Defined Networks.