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Individual and Collective Reasoning

Objectifs de recherche

The Individual and Collective Reasoning Group (ICR) is an interdisciplinary research team at the University of Luxembourg which is driven by the insight that intelligent systems (like humans) are characterized not only by their individual reasoning capacity, but also by their social interaction potential. Its overarching goal is to develop and investigate comprehensive formal models and computational realizations of individual and collective reasoning and rationality.

ICR is anchored in the Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (ILIAS) of the Computer Science and Communications unit (CSC), and involved in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). The group, which is led by Leon van der Torre, currently counts more than 15 researchers and is strongly engaged in international cooperation.

Our research areas are normative multi-agent systems, autonomous cognitive agents, computational social choice, and the foundations of logic-based knowledge representation and reasoning.

Membres / membres invités

Anciens membres invités

  • Adebayo, Kolawole (Doctorant invité)
  • Ahmed, Javed (Doctorant invité)
  • Antonini, Alessio (Doctorant invité)
  • Beshui, Liao (Professeur invité)
  • Dameski, Andrej (Doctorant invité)
  • Gabbay, Dov M. (Senior Research Scientist invitéSenior Research Scientist invitéGuest Professor invité)
  • Liao, Beshui (Professeur invité)
  • Libal, Tomer (Chercheur invité)
  • Malerba, Alessandra (Doctorant invité)
  • Muthuri, Robert (Doctorant invité)
  • Nanda, Rohan (Doctorant invité)
  • Rienstra, Tjitze (Chercheur invité)
  • Rossi, Arianna (Doctorant invité)
  • Teixeira Santos, Cristiana (Doctorant invité)
  • Wagle, Shyam (Doctorant invité)
  • Yu, Zhe (Doctorant invité)