Software and Systems

The Software and Systems Research Area covers research on methods and tools for mastering the development of complex software systems. The following tasks are tackled:

  • To develop new engineering processes.
  • To investigate the use of model driven development.
  • To perform research on the foundations of software engineering.
  • To study verification and validation techniques.
  • To assist in the development and in the use of e-learning tools.

The following application domains stand out: industry-critical systems, e-learning systems, web-based distributed systems, enterprise architectures.

The research theme on software and systems is managed by Laboratory for Advanced Software Systems (LASSY).


Ce domaine de recherche est traité par les professeurs suivants:
  • Lionel BRIAND, directeur du groupe de recherche SVV:
    • Automated Software Testing
    • Model-Driven Software Engineering
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Run-Time Verification
  • Paulo ESTEVES VERISSIMO, directeur du groupe de recherche CritiX:
    • Data Privacy and Integrity in Highly Sensitive Sectors
    • Internet and Cloud Infrastructure Resilience
    • Resilience of Cyber-Physical System Infrastructures
    • Security and Dependability of Embedded Components
  • Nicolas GUELFI, directeur du groupe de recherche MESSIR:
    • Dependability
    • Formal Methods
    • Requirements Engineering
    • Software Engineering
  • Pierre KELSEN, directeur du groupe de recherche FMDE:
    • Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
    • Formal Methods
    • Model-Driven Software Development
  • Yves LE TRAON, directeur du groupe de recherche SERVAL:
    • Automated implementation of security mechanisms
    • Malware detection and prevention
    • Model-Driven Security
    • Big Data at Runtime
    • Modeling at Runtime
    • Software Testing
  • Nicolas NAVET, directeur du groupe de recherche CRTES:
    • Integration of Verification Activity into Model-Driven Engineering
    • Probabilistic Risk Analysis
    • Timing Verification of Real-time Systems
  • Juergen SACHAU, directeur du groupe de recherche SCE:
    • Systems and Control Engineering
  • Denis ZAMPUNIERIS, directeur du groupe de recherche Proactive Computing:
    • e-Learning
    • Proactive Computing
    • Proactive Engines


Ces projets sont situés dans ce domaine de recherche: