Master in European Governance

The Master in European Governance trains experts in European public policy by providing advanced-level training in political science. Students gain a unique insight into the processes of European decision-making and explore the historical development of European integration and the foundations of the EU legal system.


Master en Études Parlementaires (Legislative Studies)

The programme provides students with an indepth knowledge about contemporary legislative bodies, the legislative and political decision-making processes, and the political electoral processes. The curriculum combines courses in political science, political communication, public policies, ethics, sociology, law and geography.


Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation

The  life long learning programme in sustainable development and social innovation aims to provide a better understanding of the complex challenges that societies, organisations and individuals face as we approach the limits of the biophysical carrying capacity of our planet. The courses provide an overview on the most recent insights from academics and practitioners relating to global change and to transformational learning for sustainability.