Research Institute of Multilingualism

The Research Institute of Multilingualism is a multidisciplinary research group that brings together experts in different areas of education, linguistics and psychology. We are committed to excellent research on multilingual societies and individuals.

We are particularly concerned with the challenges that individuals and groups face in relation to learning and teaching as well as living and working in linguistically diverse contexts. We study multilingualism in different populations (e.g. children, young people, adults, parents, educators, teachers, workers) and different contexts (e.g. home, formal and non-formal education settings, workplace).

We address a number of research topics and themes that share commonalties but are rooted in specific epistemological and theoretical frameworks. In our empirical studies, we use a range of innovative qualitative and quantitative methodologies including observations, interviews, surveys, interventions and controlled experiments.

You can learn more our research themes/groups here:

  • Language and literacy practices at home and in early childhood education
  • Language didactics and teacher education
  • Writing systems and spelling
  • Language, materiality and arts-based literacies
  • Work, Training and Mobility
  • Eco-/ethno-/sociolinguistic approaches to diversity in education and management
  • Cognitive and socio-emotional development

We also aim to produce efficient materials, create professional development training, and teach in a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across departments and disciplines. We are committed to communicate our research findings to various audiences, including researchers, practitioners, parents and policy makers.





Distinguished Lectures