Research Group: Health Promotion and Aggression Prevention

Programme of Research

Research focuses on health promotion at the workplace (quality of work, stress) and in sport (motivation to physical activity) as well as on psychological causes and consequences of violence in school, at the workplace and in the media. One of the main aims is thereby the design and evaluation of new programmes for anger management and aggressive behaviour.

More recently initiated research activities are devoted to the study of emotion regulation abilities in adolescents with specific disorders (autism, dyslexia) and the role of gender stereotypes in media use.



Former members

  • Prof. emerit. Norbert Ewen, PhD
  • Prof. Jan Pfetsch, PhD
  • Prof. Gerhard Reese, PhD
  • Prof. Christian Happ, PhD
  • Diane Kohl, PhD
  • Andreas König, PhD
  • Jessica Brensing, PhD
  • Mareike Bönigk, PhD
  • Sophie Recchia, PhD
  • Alexander F. Schmidt, PhD
  • Tessa Lehnert, PhD
  • Layla Battistutta, PhD
  • Djenna Hutmacher, PhD