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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world. The experiences we have had since the onset of the pandemic have affected us in many ways. The pandemic killed, but has also had a profound impact on the organization of employment and work, our behaviour, social dynamics and mental health. These effects have not been equal, being felt by some groups and societies much more than others.

Researchers at the University of Luxembourg, together since March 2021 with researchers from the Paris School of Economics, are currently conducting a number of research projects on various aspects of the coronavirus pandemic. They aim to understand the consequences of COVID-19 on individuals and societies, and to develop guidelines for policy makers to boost economic performance while at the same time protecting the health and well-being of the population. This research will also propose best practices to support resilience and mental and physical health, and provide health authorities with recommendations to increase preparedness and optimize responses for the ongoing and future epidemics.










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Summary of research findings on a variety of aspects of well being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.









Women and the Pandemic                                                                                 


Gender differences observed in mental health and time allocation during the COVID-19 outbreak.       











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