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Research Priority Education: Focusing on Multilingualism and Diversity




Multilingualism and diversity is a reality in many societies in Europe and across the world. Due to globalisation and migration, multilingual and intercultural communication has become common practice in business, science and education. In many countries – Luxembourg is an excellent example for this phenomenon – multilingualism and multiculturalism also form an important part of the nation’s history and identity. Moreover, the traditionally multilingual Luxembourg has a significant proportion of immigrants and border commuters and welcomes a large international community, whose population has a variety of cultural, religious and social backgrounds.

In the field of education, diversity constitutes an opportunity but also presents major challenges. For example, empirical evidence has demonstrated that pupils with a low socio-economic background are severely disadvantaged in school, especially if they have linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds. The problem of equity, fairness and norms in education is one of the most urgent problems in the current situation and asks for innovative thinking and research approaches.

The University of Luxembourg addressed these challenges through the creation of a research priority in the field of education, focusing on multilingualism and diversity. We bring together researchers from across disciplines working in a broad and interdisciplinary range of research fields: Educational Sciences and Didactics, Linguistics, Psychology, Cognition and Neuroscience, Sociology and Anthropology.

The research priority is divided into the following five thematic strands:

  • Multilingualism in Early Childhood
  • Multilingualism Across Schooling and Tertiary Education
  • Assessment and Diagnostics in Multilingual Contexts
  • Education Systems, Inclusion and Diversity
  • Migration, Language Trajectories and Informal Learning


Research Priority Education

Our objectives

  • Gaining new insights in relation to the phenomenon of multilingualism and diversity in education
  • Contributing to developing sustainable measures to enhance the educational systems and educational practices in Luxembourg and beyond
  • Generation and dissemination of knowledge to academic and non-academic audiences (including stakeholders and policy makers) and organisation of scientific and public outreach events, firmly situating the University of Luxembourg within Luxembourgish society as well as at the forefront of international research

We will achieve this by

  • Publishing high-quality scientific outputs
  • Publishing articles for lay audiences as well as national reports on the educational system in Luxembourg
  • Providing starting grants to develop strong projects
  • Submitting collaborative grant proposals
  • Organising conferences, workshops, and public lecture series
  • Attracting and training high-quality doctoral and postdoctoral researchers


Head: Prof. Dr. Adelheid Hu
Deputy Head: Prof. Dr. Christine Schiltz
Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Peter Voss
Administrative Support: Andrea Hake

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