In this page, we provide a short description of the research issues addressed by the LACS. It mainly concerns the following domains:

  • Cryptography is the science of protecting secrets. Cryptographic protocols enable to provide secure encryption, digital signatures, and authentication between entities. Building a secure cryptographic protocol first requires to clearly specifying the security notions that must be achieved, and then building a protocol that provably achieves these notions.
  • Computational Number Theory is an important tool to build secure public-key cryptosystems. Many proposals for public-key cryptosystems rely on elaborate mathematical objects that are interesting on their own.
  • System and Network Security intends to stop unauthorized users (aka "intruders") from accessing any part of a computer system. Designing intrusion detection systems (IDS) will help to determine whether or not someone attempted to break into a system, if he was successful, and what he may have done.
  • Information Security Management includes many topics, like integrity of information, identification of individuals, digital rights management, information risk and policy assessments.

The team members are actively working in these research areas which can be seen by the following list of publications.