Dr. Yong Geng

Yong Geng

Postdoctoral researcher

Faculté ou Centre Faculté des Sciences, des Technologies et de Médecine
Department Département Physique et sciences des matériaux
Adresse postale Campus Limpertsberg, Université du Luxembourg
162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg
Bureau sur le campus BS 1.15C
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 4994
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See detailUnclonable human-invisible machine vision markers leveraging the omnidirectional chiral Bragg diffraction of cholesteric spherical reflectors
Agha, Hakam; Geng, Yong; Ma, Xu; Avsar, Deniz Isinsu; Kizhakidathazhath, Rijeesh; Zhang, Yansong; Tourani, Ali; Bavle, Hriday; Sanchez Lopez, Jose Luis; Voos, Holger; schwartz, Mathew; Lagerwall, Jan

in Light: Science and Applications (2022), 11(309), 10103841377-022-01002-4

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See detailRobust cholesteric liquid crystal elastomer fibres for mechanochromic textiles
Geng, Yong; Kizhakidathazhath, Rijeesh; Lagerwall, Jan

in Nature Materials (2022), 21(12), 14411447

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See detailEncoding Hidden Information onto Surfaces Using Polymerized Cholesteric Spherical Reflectors
Geng, Yong; Kizhakidathazhath, Rijeesh; Lagerwall, Jan

in Advanced Functional Materials (2021)

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See detailLinking Physical Objects to Their Digital Twins via Fiducial Markers Designed for Invisibility to Humans
Schwartz, Mathew; Geng, Yong; Agha, Hakam; Kizhakidathazhath, Rijeesh; Liu, Danqing; Lenzini, Gabriele; Lagerwall, Jan

in Multifunctional Materials (2021), 4(2), 022002

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See detailFacile Anisotropic Deswelling Method for Realizing Large‐Area Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Elastomers with Uniform Structural Color and Broad‐Range Mechanochromic Response
Kizhakidathazhath, Rijeesh; Geng, Yong; Jampani, Venkata; Charni, Cyrine; Sharma, Anshul; Lagerwall, Jan

in Advanced Functional Materials (2019)

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See detailCholesteric Liquid Crystal Shells as Enabling Material for Information-Rich Design and Architecture.
Schwartz, Mathew; Lenzini, Gabriele; Geng, Yong; Roenne, Peter; Ryan, Peter; Lagerwall, Jan

in Advanced Materials (2018)

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See detailThrough the Spherical Looking-Glass: Asymmetry Enables Multicolored Internal Reflection in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Shells
Geng, Yong; Jang, Ju-Hyun; Noh, Kyung-Gyu; Noh, Junghyun; Lagerwall, Jan; Park, Soo-Young

in Advanced Optical Materials (2017), 6(1), 1700923

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See detailLiquid crystals in micron-scale droplets, shells and fibers
Urbanski, Martin; Reyes, Catherine; Noh, Junghyun; Sharma, Anshul; Geng, Yong; Jampani, Venkata; Lagerwall, Jan

in Journal of Physics : Condensed Matter (2017), 29

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See detailHigh-fidelity spherical cholesteric liquid crystal Bragg reflectors generating unclonable patterns for secure authentication
Geng, Yong; Noh, Junghyun; Drevensek-Olenik, Irena; Rupp, Romano; Lenzini, Gabriele; Lagerwall, Jan

in Scientific Reports (2016), 6(26840), 1-8

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See detailTransmission polarized optical microscopy of short-pitch cholesteric liquid crystal shells
Geng, Yong; Noh, Junghyun; Lagerwall, Jan

in Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (2016, March 07), 9769

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