Mohit SOOD

Mohit SOOD

Postdoctoral researcher

Faculté ou Centre Faculté des Sciences, des Technologies et de Médecine
Department Département Physique et sciences des matériaux
Adresse postale Laboratory for photovoltaics
41, rue du Brill
L-4422 Belvaux
Bureau sur le campus CRP Lippmann Belval, 1.146
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 6467
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See detailSulfide Chalcopyrite Solar Cells–Are They the Same as Selenides with a Wider Bandgap?
Siebentritt, Susanne; Lomuscio, Alberto; Adeleye, Damilola; Dwivedi, Aradhana; Sood, Mohit

in Physica Status Solidi. Rapid Research Letters (2022), 2200126

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See detailOrigin of Interface Limitation in Zn(O,S)/CuInS2‑Based Solar Cells
Sood, Mohit; Bombsch, Jakob; Lomuscio, Alberto; Shukla, Sudhanshu; Hartmann, Claudia; Frisch, Johannes; Bremsteller, Wolfgang; Ueda, Shigenori; Wilks, Regan G.; Bär, Marcus; Siebentritt, Susanne

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2022), 14

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See detailLifetime, quasi-Fermi level splitting and doping concentration of Cu-rich CuInS2 absorbers
Adeleye, Damilola; Lomuscio, Alberto; Sood, Mohit; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Materials Research Express (2021), 8

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See detailWaste- and Cd-Free Inkjet-Printed Zn(O,S) Buffer for Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 Thin-Film Solar Cells
Chu, van Ben; Siopa, Daniel; Debot, Alice; Adeleye, Damilola; Sood, Mohit; Lomuscio, Alberto; Melchiorre, Michele; Guillot, Jerôme; Valle, Nathalie; El Adib, Brahime; Rommelfangen, Jonathan; Dale, Phillip

in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (2021), 13

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See detailCarrier recombination mechanism and photovoltage deficit in 1.7-eV band gap near-stoichiometric Cu(In,Ga)S2
Shukla, Sudhanshu; Adeleye, Damilola; Sood, Mohit; Ehre, Florian; Lomuscio, Alberto; Weiss, Thomas; Siopa, Daniel; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Materials (2021), 5

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See detailOver 15% efficient wide-band-gap Cu(In,Ga)S2 solar cell: Suppressing bulk and interface recombination through composition engineering
Shukla, Sudhanshu; Sood, Mohit; Adeleye, Damilola; Peedle, Sean; Kusch, Gunnar; Dahliah, Diana; Melchiorre, Michele; Rignanese, Gian-Marco; Hautier, Geoffroy; Oliver, Rachel; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Joule (2021), 5

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See detailHow photoluminescence can predict the efficiency of solar cells
Siebentritt, Susanne; Weiss, Thomas; Sood, Mohit; Wolter, Max; Lomuscio, Alberto; Ramirez Sanchez, Omar

in JPhys Materials (2021)

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See detailPassivating Surface Defects and Reducing Interface Recombination in CuInS2 Solar Cells by a Facile Solution Treatment
Sood, Mohit; Lomuscio, Alberto; Werner, Florian; Nikolaeva, Aleksandra; Dale, Phillip; Melchiorre, Michele; Guillot, Jérôme; Abou-Ras, Daniel; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Solar RRL (2021)

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See detailNear surface defects: Cause of deficit between internal and external open-circuit voltage in solar cells
Sood, Mohit; Urbanaik, Aleksander; Kameni Boumenou, Christian; Weiss, Thomas; Elanzeery, Hossam; Babbe, Finn; Werner, Florian; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2021)

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See detailChemical instability at chalcogenide surfaces impacts chalcopyrite devices well beyond the surface
Colombara, Diego; Elanzeery, Hossam; Nicoara, Nicoleta; Sharma, Deepanjan; Claro, Marcel; Schwartz, Torsten; Koprek, Anna; Wolter, Max; Melchiorre, Michele; Sood, Mohit; Valle, Nathalie; Bondarchuk, Oleksandr; Babbe, Finn; Spindler, Conrad; Cojocaru-Miredin, Oana; Raabe, Dierk; Dale, Phillip; Sadewasser, Sascha; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Nature Communications (2020)

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See detailPhonon coupling and shallow defects in CuInS2
Lomuscio, Alberto; Sood, Mohit; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review. B (2020), 101(8), 085119-

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See detailAbsorber composition: A critical parameter for the effectiveness of heat treatments in chalcopyrite solar cells
Sood, Mohit; Elanzeery, Hossam; Adeleye, Damilola; Lomuscio, Alberto; Werner, Florian; Ehre, Florian; Melchiorre, Michele; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Progress in Photovoltaics (2020)

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See detailChallenge in Cu-rich CuInSe2 thin film solar cells: Defect caused by etching
Elanzeery, Hossam; Melchiorre, Michele; Sood, Mohit; Babbe, Finn; Werner, Florian; Brammertz, Guy; Siebentritt, Susanne

in Physical Review Materials (2019), 3

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