The Instute of Civil and Environmental Engineering (INCEEN) has several laboratories which are listed below.

By clicking on the underlined name of the lab below the pictures, a listing of all main equipment can be downloaded.


INCEEN Laboratories

Solid Structures






Urban Water Management






Steel & Composite structures


Structural Eng. / Composite Structures






Geotechnical Engineering







Construction Management


Geodesy and Geospatial engineering

The laboratories of Solid Structures and Steel & Composite structures or about to move to the new laboratory “Halle des Essais” at the main university campus in Belval, near Esch-sur-Alzette. A picture of the new hall can be seen below. The research facilities for experimental work of the “Halle des Essais” are a state-of-the-art equipped modern research area for Building Materials and Structural Analysis with e.g. a large testing span for hydraulic presses and climate chambers and unique in Luxembourg.