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Institute of Civil and Environmental Engineering (INCEEN)

Civil Engineering deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, like roads, railways, bridges, water supply- and disposal facilities, canals, dams, geotechnical structures and buildings.

The need of civil and environmental Engineering has continuously increased in the last years in Luxembourg. Here, people with a broad education in all domains of civil Engineering will be needed with special soft skills: especially the domain of construction is highly multilingual. This focussed on the special needs of Luxembourg’s construction industry.


Within these surrounding conditions the Institute of Civil and Environmental Engineering (INCEEN) is establishing an interactive and living research laboratory acting as testbed for new ideas and solutions in civil and environmental Engineering, and to propose and assess strategies beneficial for Luxembourg, Greater Region and Europe, while being well positioned within a larger international context.

  • The INCEEN is built up of the academic staff, which works in the domain of civil and environmental Engineering in order to bundle the existing competences and to enhance common research activities
  • The INCEEN builds an operation unit, which works together in research and education.
  • The INCEEN forms an “Identity”, which enhances the visibility of the civil Engineering activities of UL towards the outside world and guarantees an integration of UL into Luxembourg.

The main research topics are:

  • High-performance and functional construction materials
  • Efficient structural components
  • Future oriented optimisation of structural composites, design methods and construction methods
  • Up-scaling of innovative solutions
  • Computational Engineering and numerical simulations
  • Life cycle and circular economy oriented construction engineering