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Laddu Bhagya Jayasinghe

Laddu Bhagya Jayasinghe
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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See detailEco-construction for sustainable development: Concept of a Material and Component Bank
Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Waldmann, Daniele

in POWERSKIN Conference Proceedings (2021, April 09)

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See detailBIM-Based End-of-Lifecycle Decision Making and Digital Deconstruction: Literature Review
Akbarieh, Arghavan; Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Waldmann, Danièle; Teferle, Felix Norman

in Sustainability (2020), 12(7), 2670

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See detailRecyclable Architecture: Prefabricated and Recyclable Typologies
Ferreira Silva, Marielle; Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Waldmann, Danièle; Hertweck, Florian

in Sustainability (2020)

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See detailDevelopment of a BIM-Based Web Tool as a Material and Component Bank for a Sustainable Construction Industry
Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Waldmann, Danièle

in Sustainability (2020), 12

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See detailImpact of Pile Punching on Adjacent Piles: Insights from a 3D Coupled SPH-FEM Analysis
Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Waldmann, Daniele; Shang, Junlong

in Applied Mechanics (2020), 1(1), 47-58

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See detailAccurate measurement of ground shock with cellular solid
Wang, Xiaojuan; Li, Yongsheng; Zhou, Hongyuan; Dai, Huliang; Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya

in International Journal of Impact Engineering (2020), 145

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See detailThree-dimensional DEM investigation of the fracture behaviour of thermally degraded rocks with consideration of material anisotropy
Shang, J.; Jayasinghe, Laddu Bhagya; Xiao, F.; Duan, K.; Nie, W.; Zhao, Z.

in Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics (2019), 104

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